Reasons to be HAPPY :)

Just in case you need some reminders as to why you should be happy today πŸ™‚

  1. Well you’re alive and kicking for one thing πŸ™‚
  2. Your worst day is only 24 hours. And then a new day begins with new possibilities and opportunities.
  3. No matter how lonely you feel you may feel at any given moment, you are loved more than you know. Even when it doesn’t seem like it.
  4. Travelling is an easy feat nowadays.
  5. You’re reading this which means you’re connected to the internet which means you literally have all the knowledge in the world at your finger tips. Pretty sweet if you ask me!
  6. Sugar! Cookies and junk food and all the things! IN MODERATION
  7. Β The sun is shining somewhere πŸ™‚ Yay! Sunshine!
  8. Music always makes the soul feel good.
  9. The whole “kindness of strangers” is real and thriving, even if you don’t hear about it every day. Trust. People are still good.
  10. Naps are a socially accepted form of taking a mid-afternoon break from life.
  11. Somebody out there thinks you’re hot af.
  12. Somebody else also values your opinion and thinks you matter.
  13. Rainbows exist and so do shooting stars.
  14. Love exists! Yay!
  15. There’s a good 7 billion peeps in this world. Love finds us all, even if it doesn’t feel that way.
  16. Mass consciousness is growing!
  17. Hugs. Big bear, heart-felt hugs.
  18. Dancing in your underwear when no one is watching.
  19. You’re still learning about yourself and giving yourself the opportunity to grow.
  20. Mistakes don’t define you.
  21. We’re able to use all 5 senses, and if we don’t, we’re still lucky to have some of them.
  22. Books! Stories that nourish our imagination.
  23. Sleep!
  24. Hair grows back.
  25. Exercise always feels good
  26. Nature: Hikes. Fresh air. Basically amazingness
  27. Summer!
  28. Winter is dead average but some people like it I guess.
  29. Multi-culturalism and mutual respect are more and more accepted as one and the same.
  30. Happiness is infectious – you’re making other people smile πŸ™‚
  31. Listening to the rain when you’re inside; nice and warm.
  32. Board games for the win!
  33. Attending weddings – being a witness to love personified.
  34. Random encounters with people you’ll never see again. Good times!
  35. Knowing that sadness is NOT the opposite of happiness, but realising that they create a balance.
  36. Gratitude creates a simpler, happier life without having more or less than you already have.
  37. Your mind is so strong that you affect your underlying mood on a day-to-day basis.
  38. Happiness is made, not given.
  39. Movie marathons! Series binges! Laazzy days.
  40. Happiness isn’t that bubbly, laughing movie crap – it’s just a wholeness within yourself.
  41. Dreams actually do come true πŸ™‚
  42. Friends love you, even if you’re a bit of a dick sometimes.
  43. Helping others makes us feel better. How awesome is that!
  44. We have readily available water <3
  45. Puppies exist, as well as kitties, baby otters and red pandas.
  46. Humour makes everything better πŸ™‚
  47. Bubble baths and massages.
  48. There is literally no end to what we can do πŸ™‚ Elon Musk anyone??
  49. To quote Eleanor Roosevelt: “Happiness is not a goal… it’s a by-product of a life well-lived.”
  50. There’s nobody else quite like you, and you’re awesome!

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