How to Reconnect with Yourself

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  1. Rachel says:

    I have found that as I get older I consciously chose what to spend my energy on. Even the mundane, school lunches, meal prep I try and think of new things. I put positive notes and quotes in the kids lunch tins and ask them about them when they get home. I am a little ( wink wink) older than you but honestly as you get older things fall into place more easily. I have learnt to say no instead of extending myself thinly, by consciously choosing who I give my time to and where I want to be I feel I am more in that moment and I don’t have a blurry haze of baggage and nagging in my head that I need to be elsewhere. With age and experience comes peace. If you learn to love yourself first, just like you are doing, you become a better person, mother, friend, sister. People percieve their own popularity by how many likes they have and many followers , fuck that shit really. Love yourself first and make sure who and what gets your energy add value to YOUR life. I really enjoyed your post. Take care my sweets and always be kind to yourself first. If you love and can be kind to yourself it’s only natural that’s what you will radiate. Xx rach xx

  2. Su says:

    Great piece Aurelia x

  3. Vaughan says:

    Thanks old friend, reading that brought some perspective for me.

  4. Simone says:

    I absolutely loved this piece my friend.
    At first it made me heart sore, because I can understand that pain of daring yourself and loving yourself. I really enjoyed reading this and soaking in what you said. I’m proud of you!

  5. Kim says:

    We are so in sync even with the distance!! This is totally what I’m focusing on at the moment. Reducing social media intake and trying to reprogram my self talk as well. Thanks for sharing xo

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