Flyaway Thoughts: New York

So I was lucky enough to visit New York this past December over Christmas and New Year with a very good friend of mine from home, South Africa. Guys, also I own none of these photos. Right! Here’s what passed through my head! In no particular order…


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I’ve literally just arrived and I’ve already broken their toilet -_- great first impressions, Aurelia. Geez!

Wow, my god! It’s as incredible as I thought

Holy shit, it’s cold

A UPS store! Like in the MOVIES!

Yes UPS guys, I speak English really well BECAUSE IT”S MY FIRST LANGUAGE!


I am going to totally get the whole New York accent thing!

OK fail…

As an English teacher I do not condone these weird New York intonations… wtf


Why are the portions so big?

I did not just spend 100$ on 8 stupid drinks??!!

Hidden tax as well? Plus tip?!

OK I definitely didn’t bring enough money

OMG I’m so poor right now

NEW-YORK - JANUARY 6: Illuminated facades of Broadway theaters on January 6, 2011 in Times Square, NYC; Shutterstock ID 69377023; Project/Title: 10 Things NOT to Do in New York City; Downloader: Fodor's Travel

Image: Google Images

Times Square:

Times Square is EXACTLY like in the movies

So many colours!

So many people!

Do I still have my phone and camera in my pockets?

Someone is going to pickpocket me, I just know it.

I’m pretty sure I have ‘tourist’ written all over my face.

I can’t even feel my face. How do people live in the cold on a regular basis?

Ooooh the city has really good magnets.

I love magnets.

Postcards! How many should I buy…

Oh the Jesus freak guys with apocalyptic signs are real?! … kewl

This Macdonalds tastes so shit. Hashtag disappointment

Why is everything so expensive, bloody hell


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The Statue of Liberty:

But it’s so small! Didn’t expect that

Why can’t you (mom and dad) just pick up the phone when your only child tries to phone you from The Statue of Frikken Liberty?!

OK I need the green crown all the tourists wear

(With my green foam tourist crown on my head) I am the queen! Right, selfie time.

The Statue was once brown?! WHAT! I mean, makes sense, but still. Weeeeird.

We’re not on Staten Island?! Where the hell is the statue then?

…. Liberty island. How original -_-

So then what’s on Ellis and Staten Island then?


Image: Google Images

Why am I kissing the Charging Bull’s very brassy balls again?

New York Rangers ice hockey game:

WTF is even going on?

So violent! Woah! That guy just hit that other guy! Is that allowed?! OK I’ve got to ask somebody.

OK it’s OK.

Go Rangers! Fuck yeah! Kick him where the sun don’t shine!

5$ for a bottle of water?! Bitches be crazy…

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 11: The New York Rangers salute the crowd following a 3-1 win over the Pittsburgh Penguins in Game Six of the Second Round of the 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden on May 11, 2014 in New York City. (Photo by Scott Levy/NHLI via Getty Images)

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Top of the Rock:

What’s the Rock? Do I have to climb it?

Ahh, Rockefeller… Aurelia, you dumb ass

OMG it’s so pretty! Look at those views! So iconic.

I have to take at least 25 more photos to make sure I don’t forget this

New York is made up of islands?! … How did I not know this? I mean, obviously, but like… woah

Right! I’m just going to move here and be done it with it.


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Broadway – Wicked:

This is actually happening!

I never thought this would happen…

OMG it’s starting!

I want to buy something from the merchandise!

OK nevermind, too expensive.

That was incredible! I can officially die happily now


Image: Google Images

Pizza all day every day!

Chipotle is life!


Little Italy:

I don’t want a sitdown lunch. I just want pizza.

No I just want pepperoni, man. Don’t complicate things.

I can’t believe that we can’t find slice pizza in Little Italy… It’s Little ITALY ffs!

Did we really just see nuns carolling down the street?


Image: ©Travel Addicts – 2014 ( Used with permission

Oh yeah, I just hailed down that taxi like a boss

Oh yeah, I just pumped gas like a boss!

I’m just a boss in general. Where are my sunglasses to make that emoji face?

I wish I came in summer to see Central Park when it’s warm…. “I can’t feel my faaaaace!”


Image: one-world-trade-centre-james-ewing-dezeen

One World Observatory:

It’s so tall! 102 floors in 60 seconds sounds a little insane

Thank god I’m not afraid of heights.

Look at all the islands! There are so many!

Look at the pretty bridges!

I’m literally on top of the world right now

I can’t believe that I’m here, doing all of this…

Manhattan! You really are a concrete jungle.



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The view from Brooklyn Bridge is beyond perfect!

Look at that sunset

I can see The Statue of Liberty from here!

I want a photo of us on the bridge!

Nevermind! Too cold to be pretty right now.

I don’t want to leave… Come on, you could totally live your hippy lifestyle in Brooklyn with Michelle

Just stay…



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3 Responses

  1. Kim says:

    so…you gonna explain the broken toilet comment?? hahahaha love this, so funny!

    • Aurelia Waliszewska says:

      Um no 🙂 I would prefer not to go into detail actually. But basically just picture me panicking over a rising clogged up water level!

  2. Charlene says:

    Love, love, love this! Don’t ever stop sharing & writing your blog my friend. It’s always an awesome read! So proud of you! One of these days you can write a book about your travels! And yes… I also need to know the ‘broken toilet” story… 😛

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