Chilling in Szczecin

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  1. Kris Razma says:

    Aurelia thanks for your wonderful overview of your city. i wonder if you can help me. My mother is now 80 years old. She was born in Dombrowa poland(now Ukraine- we think) and in 1940 her family was taken from their home and sent to Siberia. She was taken deeper and deeper into Siberia, and then she became sick and was separated from them and taken to a hospital. Her mother died shortly after on the train route. Her father was is a work camp. She was 6 years old when this happened. She never saw her father but he finally located her and wrote to her. She was in New Zealand (that is another story :)). long story short- she wants to visit her father’s grave. He was sent to Szczein and died there. And we believe buried in the central cemetery. I have tried to contact them to ask of his grave’s location but have not heard anything. I wonder if you knew of any one I can contact to help me. we are arriving 3/31- so I am worried I will not find anyone to help me.

    His name was Jan Lubgan ( but L would have line through it). He died in 1954. I truly appreciate any leads of assists you may have. thanks so much- Dzenkuje

    • Aurelia Waliszewska says:

      Hi 🙂 Thanks so much for reading my post and also for sharing with me some of your family history! I’m going to be posting the memoir of my grandmother who went through a similar experience actually! Unfortunately no one in my family knows much about the cemetery (it’s really big) but I’m sure if you contact the townhall while you’re there, they’ll have records of people buried there, I hope that helps! I hope you enjoy your trip Szczecin though! 🙂

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